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Our Story

In 2013, the UK Government announced the £270m UK National Technologies Programme. Earlier that year saw the birth of Profecta Associates, which became the world’s first and only recruitment agency for quantum technologies

The quantum industry (in its current form) did not exist then, but John Barnes had a hunch, deciding to specialise and develop the skills required for the boom in quantum technologies that he felt was coming; and for which a global talent pool would be needed.

In 2021, Profecta Associates evolved into Entangled Positions, a pure play quantum recruitment organisation to deliver equitable, responsible and exceptional service to the emerging sector.

The premise was clear: ethics would be at the heart of everything we do to enable our global network (now numbering tens of thousands of individuals in over one hundred countries) the opportunity to play their part in the second quantum revolution.

A new breed of tech recruiters is being created, whose diverse backgrounds combines a myriad of talents specifically chosen for the nuances of a unique ecosystem.

We can truly say we’re proud to be different!

A different kind of quantum company

We’re a specialist recruitment company for the quantum tech ecosystem. Recruitment is hard. Quantum is hard. We exist to take away your pain and are dedicated to our client’s success. We do all of this ethically and transparently. Entangled Positions: quantum recruitment done the right way!


To create an integrated and equitable global quantum ecosystem for the prosperity of all: the quantum age requires many talents to flourish!


Supporting quantum organisations by finding the right people with the right skills, for the right roles, at the right time!


With relationships spanning 100+ countries and tens of thousands of people, we give everyone the opportunity to join the 2nd quantum revolution. If you want to be involved with quantum come and get involved with quantum!

Management Team

With a combined experience spanning decades in recruitment, business and quantum tech, we are uniquely placed to fulfill our vision and mission.

John Barnes

John Barnes

Founder and chief executive officer

Keisha Watson

Keisha Watson

Chief finance officer

Dr Rupesh Srivastava

Dr Rupesh Srivastava

chief quantum officer

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